02/23/2024 - Indianapolis, Indiana

Indianapolis Motor Speedway Victory Lift

AME's Victory Lift at Indianapolis Motor Speedway


Our friend Mr. Penske called on our team and asked AME Companies to come up with a solution to move winning cars and drivers from the ground to Victory Circle, a trip of 12 vertical feet, at the Indianapolis Motor Speedway.


The AME Team designed a 10' x 20' custom car lift suitable for a champion! AME's "Victory Lift" went from hand sketches to the first test run in less than eight weeks. Now every year, Indy 500 winners can kiss the bricks, drink the milkAME and ride the Lift to Victory Circle!

AME is honored to be forever part of this world class racetrack. See the AME Victory Lift in action here!

Thank you to IMS Photo